Your daily work can equal extra income

There is so much bluster in the media as the run-up to 2020 is already in full swing. It often seems disconnected from the realities of every day life and business.

I know you’re working hard each day to simply serve business owners and help them accomplish their goals. Fountainhead is here to serve your CDC in doing that. We can also approve your borrower in under two hours with our online, AI software Pronto.

CDC Referral Fees

We are paying up to 4% referral fees to our CDC referral partners. Review the details below, then call or email me any time to discuss. Working with an active secondary market lender, like us, can prove more rewarding than you may realize. And if your CDC does NOT accept referral fees (like some), then STILL call/email me so we can still work on a deal together… you’ll find us to be faster than other TPL’s, delivering better service, and with more expertise than usually found. I’d welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our competencies for you and your client.

Take a Moment Today for the Simple Things

I shared about six weeks ago that we lost our 11 year old lab Winston. Well, last week we added to our family with a Bernedoodle puppy named Piper. She reminds me… and I remind you today… that the simple things in life related to family and friends are important, and we have to make time. Enjoy something simple today, while I try to avoid her puppy nipping…

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