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I passed a home this week that already had Christmas lights up. I love the holidays, but really? It did remind me that the clock is ticking on business to be completed this year. If you want to get it across the finish line in 2018, it’s time to take action, NOW.

Our average time to close a loan is 40 days, from first call/email to signing final documents. But, if everyone’s motivated and hustles, our record is 21 days, from start to finish. Regardless, we can approve you or those you serve in under two hours with our AI software Pronto… this takes away most borrower anxiety related to their financing.

Most importantly, we don’t approve what we won’t close… or like some lenders, issue “LOI’s” that go nowhere or were done with zero analysis. We do NOT confuse activity with results here at Fountainhead… we’re ALL about results. The Fountainhead exec team has decades of cumulative due diligence experience approving and closing commercial loans – over $23.7 billion, in fact. We will walk alongside you throughout the process and assuming it’s an eligible deal that can/should get closed, we’ll get it done for you.

Some 3Q Closings  |  Join the List for 4Q

Fountainhead 504 Loan Closings:

  1. Miami, FL • food wholesaler, $4.2MM acquisition
  2. Cocoa Beach, FL • IT consulting, $505K acquisition/renovations
  3. Northern Cal • plumbing company. $3.2MM acquisition/renovation
  4. Lewisville, Texas • franchise company HQ’s, $388K acquisition
  5. Phoenix, AZ • plumbing company, $868,888 acquisition

Fountainhead Conventional Loan Closings:

  1. Camas, Washington • Candlewood Suites, $13MM refi
  2. Laurinberg, North Carolina • Hampton Inn, $4.5MM refi

Fountainhead stands ready in 4Q18 to close deals for business owners and for our referral partners that get paid in our FastTrack504 program. We value everyone with whom we work… but we always want to work with more, so reach out to us today!

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