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Small business owners consistently face challenges: lack of funds, lack of time and lack of good employees to name a few. I’ve experienced these things myself as an entrepreneur. The difference between success and failure is being willing to press in and keep your eye on the opportunity that lies ahead.

A Fountainhead client recently said, “This country has many opportunities for anyone to succeed. It’s the level of dedication and persistence from you that matters. Work hard. No excuses.”

There’s no better description of the entrepreneurs we’re working with every day, financing their commercial real estate. They inspire me, and it’s an honor to create growth and wealth for them. I’d welcome the opportunity to do the same for you or those you serve.

Call or email me anytime to discover the difference for your business or those you know financing commercial real estate.

Fountainhead Welcomes Cathy Johnson

I’m excited to introduce Cathy Johnson, our new Office Administrator. She has served 14 years in the commercial mortgage banking industry and brings a wealth of experience as an Executive Assistant, having supported senior level executives in various industries: hospitality/theme parks, aerospace, education, medical and financial/banking.

Prior to joining Fountainhead, Cathy was the Executive Assistant to the CEO of a local credit union in downtown Orlando. She is also a licensed Real Estate Salesperson and a licensed Community Association Manager (CAM). Cathy knows commercial real estate and is here to serve your needs and those of your clients with a wealth of knowledge. Welcome to the Fountainhead team Cathy!

Refi Floating-rate 7(a) Loans into our Fixed-rate Conventional Loans

You or your client can refinance a floating-rate, commercial real estate 7(a) loan with a Low LTV (<65%) Conventional Loan with us and significantly change the monthly outlook. Drop the rate, re-amortize the loan, and start enjoying monthly cash flow savings immediately.

One thing to note… it may be a challenge to modify an existing 7(a) loan, as the current lender likely sold the guaranteed amount in the secondary market, making it virtually impossible for them to modify it going-forward, so call or email me to discuss the options. 800-770-1504 or We refi floating-rate 7(a) loans into our fixed-rate conventional loans regularly and all across the country. But HURRY, as the Prime rate keeps climbing! Create even greater wealth for you or your clients’ future.

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