What on Earth does an archery facility, a new brewery and a dental office have in common?


…Those are all deals we’re currently working on to close in the next few weeks and months.  See, the most enjoyable part of our business is not just helping owners of small to mid-sized businesses create wealth, but in meeting so many smart and talented business owners operating such diverse businesses.

The following are just a few of the deals (totaling over $12 million) we’re working to close during the next 75 days. We list these here as a way to help you get an idea of our appetite for similar projects:

Online E-Commerce Business – a $1.26 million project in New Jersey to finance the acquisition of a 15,537 SF commercial office/warehouse building, allowing for additional merchandise storage space.

Karate and Dance Studio – a $1.8 million project in Florida to finance the acquisition and construction of an 11,000 SF commercial building to accommodate a karate and dance studio.

Diner – a $800K project in Florida to finance the construction of a diner, allowing for further expansion of this dining concept in the Florida region.

Archery Sales & Training Facility – a $1.86 million project, including renovations, in Pennsylvania to allow the owners of this small business to acquire and renovate a much needed 16,627 SF commercial property in order to meet the increasing demand of their customers.

Brewery – a $5.2 million project in Texas to finance the acquisition and renovation of a commercial building to construct a new brewery and restaurant concept.

Dental offices – a $1.3 million project in New Jersey to finance the construction of dental offices, allowing for consolidation of a multi-office dental practice.

These are just a FEW of the many deals we’re diligently working on these days in order to help these entrepreneurs truly enjoy the beginning of the New Year as new owners of their own commercial real estate!  But we’ve got room for MANY more!

>>>Commercial Brokers/Nonbank Commercial Lenders…if you have any clients who can benefit from using our 504 loan program to create wealth by owning their own commercial property we can help! Contact us today!<<<

Well, the MBA CREF Conference is being held on our home turf, in sunny Orlando, from January 31st to February 3rd.  A great time to gain some knowledge, meet new people and network with old friends, and listen to our own Chris Hurn, who will be speaking at the conference on February 2nd.  If you plan on being in town, give us a shout as we would love to give you a tour of our very unique office space.

If you don’t have time for a visit maybe you can meet with Chris during the conference, he would love to have a quick chat with you.

Finally, we hope everybody is having a great kick-off to the New Years!  After a very good week here, the Fountainhead Team is looking forward to relaxing and watching the NFL Conference Championship games on Sunday – always a great family event.

But remember: if you are an owner of a small to mid-sized business looking to create wealth with commercial real estate ownership or know of one, please contact us to explore how Fountainhead can help you realize this today.  You can join those mentioned above and many other existing clients who are positively delighted they contacted us!

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