We can still close your deal!

As Washington races to find an agreement on border security by February 15, the SBA is wading through the 35 day backlog of loan approvals. That’s why Fountainhead will continue with our unauthorized, interim solutions to save deals in jeopardy.

Here’s a quick read of an article posted on Ecommerce Daily News. I had opportunity to explain what can actually be done to close a deal during this catch-up period.

Fountainhead will continue to close even unauthorized SBA 504 loans and save business owners from losing hard deposits and real estate opportunities. We are a non-bank, direct and national commercial lender willing to take on these risks because of our tremendous experience in the marketplace. Call or email me today, if I can help on your deal.

Pronto gives an answer in only TWO hours!

Pronto is our online AI software that gives approvals in two hours or less. It sits atop our website with a highly secure interface used to upload documents.

Editable PDF’s enable you to quickly complete the application process.
Pronto made it happen during the shutdown and continues to do so now.

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  1. I am a commercial Realtor with a client that has an interest in purchasing a C4 2.7 acre property with a small auto repair shop. He has 10% for a down payment but will need a low interest rate 20+ year loan for the balance of $550K. Are you able to originate a loan in New Mexico?

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