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I enjoyed sharing Fountainhead’s story at a YPO Global “In the Boardroom” event last week. I highly value the transparency this group has in regard to business. That’s uncommon these days.

Transparency is not just honesty. It’s celebrating success and being clear about failure. I’m an entrepreneur like you or those your serve, so I’ve had plenty of both. Success AND failure propel me forward to accomplish great things for others.

Fountainhead Exists for Your Success
I understand what it means to give everything you have to an effort and risk it all for success (among other reasons why, I grew up in a single parent home and watched my mother work multiple jobs to support my brother and me).

That’s why Fountainhead is committed to serving business owners in a way that helps grow their companies and establish long term wealth for them to have in retirement (or at least, post-business) some day.

Please call or email me, so we can discuss Fountainhead walking beside you or those your serve to change their future and help write a new story.

Thing of us when… You need SOLUTIONS!

The financing “mountain” can be so tall for many business owners that they simply never make the climb. We are committed to walking alongside every entrepreneur to determine the best tool for financing their commercial real estate. There are lots of options that we offer:

These can include acquisitions, construction, renovations, cash-outs, refinancing and more. Call the Fountainhead team today to discover the best option for your company or those you assist. And don’t forget that we can approve commercial real estate loans (unlike anyone else we know) in under two hours with our Pronto system.

The Lodging Conference – Deal Connect

If you happen to be attending the Lodging Conference in September at the Arizona Biltmore next week in Phoenix, AZ (September 24-27, 2018), please make an appointment to meet with the Fountainhead team during the Deal Connect session on Tuesday starting at 2:00 PM or some other time during the conference. We hope to see you there.

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