There are 334,779 reasons to work with Fountainhead in 2016…

Okay, we won’t post the “Mother of All” blog posts and list all 334,779 reasons here. THAT would be quite the post, by anyone’s standards. But, this may very well be the “Mother of All” blog posts for you anyway…

See, in the last six months of 2015, not only did we close LOTS of SBA 504 loans in six states, but $334,779 in referral fees were earned by our originating referral sources for an average of $41,847 per referred deal. That’s quite a CHUNK of change for those folks, and we were happy to do it since it furthered our mission to help more business owners of small and midsized enterprises create wealth with commercial real estate ownership in the smartest way possible: with a Fountainhead 504 loan.

This is all part of our larger plan to make sure owners of every financially-healthy small to midsized business in America take advantage of this easy wealth-creating strategy: 90% loan-to-cost financing for their owner-occupied commercial real estate. A “home” for their business, if you will. This has always been our “Bill Gates’ desktop-computer-in-every-home” vision – our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). With other investment opportunities looking shakier and scarier by the day, this is one of the great investment advantages business owners have to capitalize on.

Now, not every one of our loans came through our “wholesale channel,” but those particular referral partners were all a part of our FastTrack504 secondary market program. They were very smart to do that, and it’s why they earned the Big Bucks (we think an average additional pay-out of $41,847 per deal is rather smart indeed and qualifies as “Big Bucks”). These folks signed up shortly after we announced the launch of this new wholesale program so they could earn non-interest income (premiums) from SBA 504 loans they outsourced to us to handle for their clients. You might recall that this is the program we launched in mid-2015 to help fill the void that was left in the secondary market for SBA 504 first lien loans since the Great Recession.

We’ve mentioned our program in previous communications to you, but perhaps you didn’t think we were that serious about it? Well, now you know. And we now know some folks who have 334,779 reasons to send us their next 504 loan and all futures ones as well. So what’s your excuse? 🙂

Maybe it’s time you sign-up as well? We ARE accepting new referral partners right now. And we ARE in four (4) new states after all and will soon be in even more. But don’t worry about losing a client relationship when you refer a deal to us – we only want to help close SBA 504 loans for your clients.

What most lenders don’t seem to understand is that by NOT referring their SBA loans (and even “regular” turn-downs) to us, they put their entire client relationship at risk. Because resourceful business owners who’ve been turned down (for whatever reason) or sense they’re not working with SBA lending specialists, will ALWAYS find another way – probably simply going down the road to a direct competitor which puts your entire banking relationship at-risk. When we work with banks, credit unions and other professionals needing commercial real estate financing, we don’t try to provide anything else BUT our Fountainhead 504 loans. With us: you keep your customer; your customer works with Specialists; your customer is taken care of; and you earn some nice non-interest income. It’s that simple.

If you work with business owners and have otherwise been waiting to sign up with our FastTrack504 program, please do yourself a favor and wait no longer. Get going on our FastTrack504 agreement today! It’s not every day you’ll have 334,779 reasons to do something, after all.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to send us any prospective commercial loans today or feel free to refer us to those you know we could help as well. We’ll be sure to “grandfather” you into our FastTrack504 agreement when you do.

Enjoy what we call “Fountainhead Friday,”

The Fountainhead Team

P.S. We don’t REALLY need to list all 334,779 reasons to motivate you to do this today, do we? Just contact us so we can get you signed up ASAP. Your clients will thank you, as will your wallet or purse.

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