The shutdown impact lingers for your clients

The shutdown was a 35-day roller coaster for business owners trying to buy commercial real estate. It’s likely some of your clients were caught up in that. We’ve never worked so hard in January but were excited to put in those hours and help save deals for our referral partners’ clients.

American Banker asked me to weigh in on the shutdown and resulting backlog of SBA loan applications. This is a quick read of the article as posted on Ecommerce Daily News. It explains what can actually be done to keep deals from going off the cliff.

Even though the shutdown has ended, the backlog of approvals is still putting many deals in jeopardy. As a non-bank lender with a wealth of experience, Fountainhead will continue to close even unauthorized SBA 504 loans and save business owners from losing hard deposits and real estate opportunities. Call or email me today if your client needs help.

January, 2019 Debenture Rates – An Easy Sell to Clients

Shutdown craziness aside, the long term, below-market rate of the debenture is still a great selling point with clients. Any business owner is going to be attracted to the SBA 504 loan program with these rates.

The January, 2019, 20-year fixed rate is 3.37% and the 25-year rate is 3.56%. That doesn’t exist anywhere else in the marketplace. We’ll help you sell them on SBA 504 financing with our online two hour approval platform. Let’s get a deal done.

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