The SBA 504 Loan: Fighting Fears of Office Ownership for Small Businesses

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For many small business owners, the words “real estate” can elicit everything from anxiety to utter dread. Like a bitter pill, some entrepreneurs tend to squirm at the thought of owning the plot of land on which their business resides, assuming the worst about costs and the headaches that come with upkeep. Sure, who would NOT like to own their office or business space? But that’s a conversation for another day – putting the topic off like those pesky taxes or the diet you promised to commit to in the new year. The good news is: there is an answer … Read More

How to Choose an SBA 504 Lender: The Foundations of Fountainhead

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Defined by Fine Dictionary, a fountainhead is 1: “an abundant source” and 2: a “principal source.” Fountainhead Commercial Capital has made it not only its goal, but its passion to be the leading source of Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans, which empower small businesses to invest, long term, into the communities they serve. Fountainhead has become the spring, feeding businesses with commercial capital insight and an unmatched level of expertise in the SBA 504 loan marketplace. Whether simply curious or absolutely set on taking advantage of the SBA 504 for your business, Fountainhead recommends you keep in mind the … Read More

2 and 25: Speed Is The Ultimate Competitive Advantage…

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sba 504 hospitality loan

In today’s business environment it can be said that the fast eat the slow. Speed trumps size, empowers action and is impossible to ignore. Recently, Fountainhead was put to the ultimate test of needing to deploy speed, efficiency and resolve in order to help a borrower create wealth by owning commercial real estate… and lightning fast! A respected referral source of ours called to ask for help. They were working on a great deal in Colorado but at the last minute, they were not going to be able to help the borrower close the loan on time. Their backs were … Read More

A Birthday, a Closing, and a Super Bowl Wish…

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Happy Birthday to us! Sure, it may be a little unusual to wish ourselves this, but no one has ever accused us of being “ordinary.” 🙂 Just in case you didn’t already figure this out: Fountainhead Commercial Capital turned 1 year old earlier this week. Truly amazing how fast time flies… As with all small to midsized businesses, we’ve had our highs… our lows… and just about everything in between. But, that is what makes entrepreneurship so exciting, so exhilarating. And unlike some, we here at Fountainhead all happen to love the challenges associated with growing a successful business. Mere … Read More

FCC Closes $346,000 Commercial Loan for Charter Bus Facility in Miami, FL

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Miami Coach 504 Loan

Few things excite us more than helping owners of small businesses create wealth by acquiring commercial real estate property using our SBA 504 loan program. SEC/ACC/NFL season for most of us around here (EPL football for Chris) might almost top that, but still… This is especially true when the owners are immigrants from another country who’ve worked hard to be part of the American dream to own their own business! >> Commercial Brokers…if you have any clients who can benefit from using our 504 loan program to create wealth by owning their own commercial property we can help! Contact us … Read More