Seven Moves the New SBA Administrator Can Make to Smackdown Tepid Economic Growth While Championing the Small Businesses

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If you were a child or had children in the past 30 years or so, there is a fair chance that you have at least a passing knowledge of the sports entertainment behemoth that has become World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), formerly the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Touting the sport’s biggest names, like Hulk Hogan and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the corporation has spent years laying “the smackdown” for fans across the country (and world). A major factor of their success is former CEO and president, Linda McMahon, whom the U.S. Senate recently confirmed as leader of the Small Business Administration … Read More

$22MM in Less Than 45 Days and We’re Just Getting Started…

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Pacific Capro sba504 loan

Happy Fountainhead Friday! Things have been very busy here at Fountainhead since we announced our national launch. We’ve closed our fourth Fountainhead 504 project in the last 45 or so days, totaling almost $22 million in total projects in that month and a half! That’s almost three quarters of the total fundings Fountainhead did in our first twelve months of operations, and at that pace would equal nearly $180 million in Fountainhead 504 fundings for the year. Not too shabby, but as you’ll see in the coming months, this is just the start of many great things to come! Recently, … Read More

There are 334,779 reasons to work with Fountainhead in 2016…

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Okay, we won’t post the “Mother of All” blog posts and list all 334,779 reasons here. THAT would be quite the post, by anyone’s standards. But, this may very well be the “Mother of All” blog posts for you anyway… See, in the last six months of 2015, not only did we close LOTS of SBA 504 loans in six states, but $334,779 in referral fees were earned by our originating referral sources for an average of $41,847 per referred deal. That’s quite a CHUNK of change for those folks, and we were happy to do it since it furthered … Read More

When Government Picks Winners, Small Business Loses

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Winners Losers

The following is a “sneak preview” of an upcoming Forbes article written by Chris Hurn about the continued mixed messages from our Government about truly supporting the “Small Businesses” in America, enjoy… As we catapult through the newest political season, I’m reminded of a theme from the last presidential election when the stump speeches often touched on the concept of the government “picking winners and losers.” Whether we are discussing the auto business struggling or the banking industry teetering, a fundamental question arises, asking whether or not the government should influence policy in a way where it essentially plays favorites … Read More

So Much for Tropical Storm Erika…

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Tropical Storm Erika

As we began to write this blog post update last Friday, we had one eye on our action list and one eye on the Weather Channel… as it appeared Tropical Storm Erika was heading our way!  Although the local weatherman always seem disappointed, we are sure all of you are very happy to be spared the potential damage and disruption to your business! Anyway… We hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of summer with your family. Since most of the schools here are back up and running, we are actually enjoying some rare quiet time 🙂 >>Bankers/Credit Unions … if you can’t … Read More

Lessons from the SBA Loan Program Shutdown

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Last week, the U.S. Small Business Administration shut down its 7(a) loan program again, leaving thousands of small business owners scrambling to finance a wide range of business projects.  This shutdown (the fourth since I’ve been in small business lending) was swiftly overturned, as Congress approved an increase in the 7(a) program cap to $23.5 billion for the remainder of this current fiscal year.  That’s $4.75 billion more than the current ceiling that had effectively been hit, necessitating the shutdown.  President Obama quickly signed the bill into law.  Crisis averted.  Or is it? More than 11 years ago, I first … Read More

Home Sweet Home

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Sba 504 Refi

After a couple of weeks of traveling, the Fountainhead Team is happy to be home and excited about pursuing new opportunities and relationships developed during recent travels. Knowing that being involved in our trade organizations is always beneficial to our Company, we recently attended the NAGGL Conference in San Antonio and most recently, the NADCO Summit is Washington, D.C. We exhibited at both conferences so it was a great opportunity to not just see old friends and colleagues, but also to meet many new ones as well. Washington, D.C. was especially interesting as we lobbied for support of the SBA … Read More

Fountainhead Announces FastTrack 504™ Program

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FastTrack 504

Fountainhead Commercial Capital today announced the creation of the FastTrack 504™ program which enables banks and credit unions to fully outsource SBA 504 loans for owner-occupied real estate. Using the FastTrack program, a financial institution can outsource an SBA 504 loan candidate to Fountainhead, which will underwrite the project, assist with SBA authorization and help close first and second mortgages along with interim financing. Fountainhead will also pay premiums to referring banks, offering an opportunity for non-interest income. SBA 504 loans provide financing for the purchase of fixed assets, such as real estate, buildings and machinery, at below market rates. … Read More

Fountainhead Commercial Capital Launched

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SBA 504 Loans

Renowned small business lender Chris Hurn today launched Fountainhead Commercial Capital, a nationwide lender focused on financing owner-occupied commercial real estate. Hurn, who has lent nearly two billion dollars on commercial real estate through the SBA 504 loan program, opened the doors on the new business and has already started consulting with entrepreneurs about funding their businesses. Hurn, who co-founded pioneering SBA 504 lender Mercantile Capital Corporation in 2002, started Fountainhead as an innovative source for growth capital for small business owners. Funding through the 504 loan program enables business owners to receive long term, below market fixed interest rates … Read More