$22MM in Less Than 45 Days and We’re Just Getting Started…

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Pacific Capro sba504 loan

Happy Fountainhead Friday! Things have been very busy here at Fountainhead since we announced our national launch. We’ve closed our fourth Fountainhead 504 project in the last 45 or so days, totaling almost $22 million in total projects in that month and a half! That’s almost three quarters of the total fundings Fountainhead did in our first twelve months of operations, and at that pace would equal nearly $180 million in Fountainhead 504 fundings for the year. Not too shabby, but as you’ll see in the coming months, this is just the start of many great things to come! Recently, … Read More

Get Ready To Refinance…

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SBA504 Refinance

We’ve heard good things come in three’s: for the small business finance industry, we’d like to think these are our recent capital raise announcement, our recent nationwide lending and nationwide FastTrack504 announcement, and now THIS announcement: Our EVP of Business Development, Steve Ellsworth, is attending the NADCO Spring Summit and has reported some great news… the SBA has finally announced it will start processing files under the Permanent 504 Refinance Program on June 24th. Fountainhead is on standby ready to assist you with any eligible commercial refinance deals you need help closing! The following are the highlights of the new … Read More

Some Very Interesting Findings about Financing America’s Entrepreneurs…

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Happy Fountainhead Friday! In reviewing some data earlier this week on commercial real estate financing for America’s entrepreneurs (directly from the SBA), we were a bit shocked by what we found: Only 68 lenders (out of 1,545) provided at least one (1) SBA 504 loan a month in the past fiscal year (the government’s fiscal year ended September 30, 2015).  That’s national data.  And yes, that’s it’s just 4.4% of all those lenders at a level we here at Fountainhead would deem necessary for competence.  4.4% is all! Now, you may not know it, but there are approximately 6,100 banks … Read More

There are 334,779 reasons to work with Fountainhead in 2016…

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Okay, we won’t post the “Mother of All” blog posts and list all 334,779 reasons here. THAT would be quite the post, by anyone’s standards. But, this may very well be the “Mother of All” blog posts for you anyway… See, in the last six months of 2015, not only did we close LOTS of SBA 504 loans in six states, but $334,779 in referral fees were earned by our originating referral sources for an average of $41,847 per referred deal. That’s quite a CHUNK of change for those folks, and we were happy to do it since it furthered … Read More

A Birthday, a Closing, and a Super Bowl Wish…

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Happy Birthday to us! Sure, it may be a little unusual to wish ourselves this, but no one has ever accused us of being “ordinary.” 🙂 Just in case you didn’t already figure this out: Fountainhead Commercial Capital turned 1 year old earlier this week. Truly amazing how fast time flies… As with all small to midsized businesses, we’ve had our highs… our lows… and just about everything in between. But, that is what makes entrepreneurship so exciting, so exhilarating. And unlike some, we here at Fountainhead all happen to love the challenges associated with growing a successful business. Mere … Read More

What on Earth does an archery facility, a new brewery and a dental office have in common?

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…Those are all deals we’re currently working on to close in the next few weeks and months.  See, the most enjoyable part of our business is not just helping owners of small to mid-sized businesses create wealth, but in meeting so many smart and talented business owners operating such diverse businesses. The following are just a few of the deals (totaling over $12 million) we’re working to close during the next 75 days. We list these here as a way to help you get an idea of our appetite for similar projects: Online E-Commerce Business – a $1.26 million project … Read More

We’re Very Thankful…

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The smell of a roasting turkey… the sounds of family and friends laughing (and sometimes arguing)… the cheering for your favorite football team or parade float… we’re just a few more days away from one of our favorite holidays! With the recent terrorist attacks in Beirut, Paris, and now Mali, it makes this time of year even more important to us.  These kinds of tragedies have us pausing every day to be grateful for the health, safety and happiness of our loved ones and innocents all over the world. We are busy here at Fountainhead focused on closing several deals … Read More

Great Customer Service Never Ends: Joshie the Giraffe Part 2

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Joshie the Giraffe

Joshie the Giraffe was first introduced to the world in 2012. In fact, Joshie became quite famous as his story went viral being shared by thousands of fans on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Not very often do you see a stuffed animal cruising the beach at a luxury resort! The story was originally shared by Chris in this 2012 Huffington Blog post “Stuffed Giraffe Shows What Customer Service Is All About” and was not just a heart-warming story about the return of a beloved stuffed animal to a young child, but a story about how an organization committed to … Read More

More Deals Closing Than Apples in a Bobbing-for-Apples Barrel (well, almost..)

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Wow…it’s mid-October already! Before you know it, we will be rolling into the Holiday Season (you’ve probably already seen Christmas decorations being sold in stores by now!). For some businesses, the heavy lifting has already been done and the holiday season is actually a time to relax and enjoy some time off. Unfortunately/fortunately for many of you, the next 75 days will be a whirlwind of activity and you’ll probably “hope” to get a little time off. 😉 Based on our current deal pipeline, we will certainly be in the latter group! Of course, we actually feel very fortunate because … Read More

When Government Picks Winners, Small Business Loses

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Winners Losers

The following is a “sneak preview” of an upcoming Forbes article written by Chris Hurn about the continued mixed messages from our Government about truly supporting the “Small Businesses” in America, enjoy… As we catapult through the newest political season, I’m reminded of a theme from the last presidential election when the stump speeches often touched on the concept of the government “picking winners and losers.” Whether we are discussing the auto business struggling or the banking industry teetering, a fundamental question arises, asking whether or not the government should influence policy in a way where it essentially plays favorites … Read More