The morning after… State of Small Business.

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No matter your politics, it’s exciting to see small businesses expanding, creating jobs and energizing the economy. 304,000 jobs were created in January and annual economic growth is set to pass 3% for the first time in almost a decade and a half. The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index was at an all-time high in 4Q18 for the 15 years of its existence. Fountainhead is excited to be a part of this by working with you to provide SBA 504 financing for small business owners. Together, we’re helping their companies grow and creating personal wealth for them. And we’ll pay … Read More

We can still close your deal!

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As Washington races to find an agreement on border security by February 15, the SBA is wading through the 35 day backlog of loan approvals. That’s why Fountainhead will continue with our unauthorized, interim solutions to save deals in jeopardy. Here’s a quick read of an article posted on Ecommerce Daily News. I had opportunity to explain what can actually be done to close a deal during this catch-up period. Fountainhead will continue to close even unauthorized SBA 504 loans and save business owners from losing hard deposits and real estate opportunities. We are a non-bank, direct and national commercial … Read More

The shutdown impact lingers for your clients

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The shutdown was a 35-day roller coaster for business owners trying to buy commercial real estate. It’s likely some of your clients were caught up in that. We’ve never worked so hard in January but were excited to put in those hours and help save deals for our referral partners’ clients. American Banker asked me to weigh in on the shutdown and resulting backlog of SBA loan applications. This is a quick read of the article as posted on Ecommerce Daily News. It explains what can actually be done to keep deals from going off the cliff. Even though the … Read More

Do these 3 things to save your deal.

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I was honored to have ask me to offer solutions regarding the shutdown and how small businesses in the middle of a real estate transaction can save their deals and continue to grow their companies. Moody’s Analytics says over $2 billion in SBA funding has been delayed by the shutdown. If that’s you, here’s my best advice: Delay as much as you can. Put more “skin in the game.” Look for interim financing from another source (such as us – we’ve even been doing this for household-name banks). Click here to read the entire article. We’ve never closed so … Read More

GRIT beats Shutdown.

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We’re three weeks into 2019, and I’m sure your goal setting has resulted in some changed work habits. The shutdown has certainly changed our workflow, as we’ve ramped up to help CDC’s save deals caught in the craziness. We’re Still Closing Deals We’re even closing unauthorized SBA 504 loans for other lenders – either the interim second lien loan or both the first lien loan AND the interim second lien loan. I know of no other commercial lender who’s stepping up to do likewise. Call/email me today, like so many other CDC’s we’ve heard from, if you have a deal … Read More

No gov’t shutdown will stop us from closing deals!

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A poll last week showed that 82% of Americans feel unaffected by the government shutdown. I know that many small businesses fall in the other 18%… especially the ones trying to close on CRE without SBA authorization for their SBA 504 loan. We’re working overtime to approve and close loans that have been stalled by the shutdown. The newswires picked up our effort. You can read one of those here: Fountainhead Commercial Capital Will Fund SBA Real Estate Loans During Shutdown, for more information. And yes, we’re even closing unauthorized SBA 504 loans for other lenders. Fountainhead is funding conventional … Read More

Fountainhead Commercial Capital Will Fund SBA Real Estate Loans During Shutdown

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Commercial real estate lender financing deals with pending SBA authorizations Fountainhead Commercial Capital today announced that it is helping small business owners with pending U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) authorizations to close commercial real estate transactions that are stalled by the government shutdown. The SBA has been closed since Dec. 22, leaving many business owners in limbo while hoping to close on commercial real estate deals with impending deadlines. Fountainhead is offering interim financing at competitive rates and terms so that small business owners can close deals which might otherwise be abandoned. “Many small business owners have put down deposits, paid … Read More

We can save your transaction despite the shutdown

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Yesterday was another standoff in Washington and the shutdown lives on. Life in the real world continues, although I know many of you have deals that have been impacted and stopped dead in their tracks because of this impasse. That said, Fountainhead is funding SBA 504 loans, well, basically we are. If you go to, it’s closed. You won’t/can’t get an SBA authorization right now until the government re-opens and even then, it’ll take weeks for them to get through the backlog. But, we’ve already closed unauthorized 504 loans – several times, in fact — meaning there’s no official … Read More

Do you have a deal with an imminent closing hung up by the shutdown?

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I’ve often said, “We can SAVE A DEAL.” Now is the time we’d like to prove that to you. We don’t want small business owners or your CDC to be hurt because our elected officials in DC can’t work together for the moment. We’re funding loans!We can still close on an unauthorized 504 loan. Yes, you really did just read that correctly: an unauthorized 504 loan (meaning it’s a 504 project, but SBA hasn’t approved it “officially” yet, so no SBA Authorization exists yet on the deal). We’ll close those, too, for you and your clients. In fact, we closed … Read More

Thank you for the opportunity to serve

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I appreciate the many opportunities this year to serve business owners and our referral partners by financing their commercial real estate. Fountainhead is honored to have closed loans on properties from Florida all the way out to California/Washington/Oregon and back up to North Carolina/Georgia and many places between. The stories that trickle back because of businesses now owning their commercial real estate are truly amazing. New jobs, revenue growth, financial security, wealth creation, and the list goes on. Our referral partners’ stories are just as exciting as we’re able to work together for the success of their clients. As we … Read More