Say Thanks to Your Hero Today

I’m in beautiful San Diego today for the AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owner’s Association) Convention. There are close to 7,000 hotel owners meeting for several days and the entrepreneurial energy is palpable.

I look around at thousands of business owners and feel incredible admiration for their hard work and willingness to take risks. In many different forms, they are living the proverbial American dream.

This is what drives me and our Fountainhead team to support business owners in growing their companies and creating long term wealth.

If I can help get you or those you serve to the next level with the appropriate financing tool, please call/email me. Let’s discuss your next success.

3 Rules for Working with Entrepreneurs

These three points always help me stay on task when working with an entrepreneur… and they help anyone interacting with me since I’m one too.

  • MAKE connections
  • BE available
  • THINK like them

We’re a unique breed, but we love to get it done. I’m here to get it done for you, and those you serve.

Up Your Game During National Small Business Week

For the third year, the SBA is offering dynamic opportunities for business owners and service providers to up their game. Check out the wide range of webinars available May 7-8, and register to attend online.

Call or email me whenever I can answer a question or bring value to your organization with a growth-oriented financing opportunity.

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