Push your risk quotient!

The recent Jeopardy craze has swept the country as contestant, James Holzhauer, has racked up over $1.7M as of this writing. Ratings have spiked as people tune in to watch his aggressive playing style. As he told the New York Times, his strategy is “to pick the highest dollar categories, bet large, and move quickly.” In his words, “Take big risks – over and over and over.”

Holzhauer’s big risks are paying off. How about yours? Are your choices putting your future on an upward trajectory? Are you stepping out of the safe zone to position yourself for that once-in-a-lifetime shot? This is something entrepreneurs must think about regularly.

As a service provider to business owners, are you aggressively pursuing the path that will give your clients their big break opportunity?

Holzhauer is not playing blindly. He’s a professional sports gambler who has obviously done his homework. That said, he wouldn’t be breaking records without his high tolerance for risk.

I encourage you to embrace the same risk tolerance that many of our entrepreneurial clients have – it’s the courage that business owners act on to turn calculated risks into big rewards. Are you being a game-changer for your clients? I’m happy to walk alongside you in doing so. Call or email me any time to strategize what we can do for them together.

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