More Deals Closing Than Apples in a Bobbing-for-Apples Barrel (well, almost..)

Wow…it’s mid-October already! Before you know it, we will be rolling into the Holiday Season (you’ve probably already seen Christmas decorations being sold in stores by now!).

For some businesses, the heavy lifting has already been done and the holiday season is actually a time to relax and enjoy some time off. Unfortunately/fortunately for many of you, the next 75 days will be a whirlwind of activity and you’ll probably “hope” to get a little time off. 😉

Based on our current deal pipeline, we will certainly be in the latter group! Of course, we actually feel very fortunate because we LOVE helping small business owners create wealth through commercial real estate ownership, so we always look forward to helping our clients get the “ultimate holiday gift”…

Bankers/Credit Unions … if you can’t get a deal done in-house, reach out to us; don’t risk losing the entire banking relationship to another… we might just be able to help (and we ONLY provide 504 loans). Plus, if we can help, we pay referral fees once you’re on our new FastTrack504™ secondary market platform. Learn more here!

The exciting part of our business is not just helping owners of small to mid-sized businesses create wealth, but in meeting so many smart and talented business owners operating such diverse businesses. The following are just a few of our closings (totaling over $5 million) scheduled during the next 45 days:

Luxury Online Automobile Dealership – a $1.55 million project in Pennsylvania to finance this unique automobile dealer acquire a 35,000 SF commercial property needed to expand their operations.

Online E-commerce Business – a $1 million project, including renovations, in Florida to finance the acquisition and renovation of a 10,006 SF commercial warehouse space, allowing for much needed merchandise storage space.

Archery Sales & Training Facility – a $1.86 million project, including renovations, also in Pennsylvania to allow the owners of this small business to acquire and renovate a much needed 16,627 SF commercial property in order to meet the increasing demand of their customers.

Fashion E-commerce Store – a $450,000 project in New Jersey to finance the acquisition of a 5,000 SF commercial warehouse building allowing for expanded merchandise storage and operational space.

Insurance & Retirement Planner – a $205,000 project in Florida to help this entrepreneur “say goodbye to the home office” and renovate a commercial office condo allowing her to have a professional location to meet with her growing client base.

Auto Restoration Facility – a $327,000 project in Florida to finance the acquisition of a 9,000 SF commercial warehouse building in order to meet growing demand for their classic car restoration and detailing services.

These are just a few of the deals we’re diligently working on these days in order to close them by the end of November and help these entrepreneurs truly enjoy the Holiday Season as new owners of their own commercial real estate! But we’ve got room for MANY more!

Commercial Brokers/Nonbank Commercial Lenders…if you have any clients who can benefit from using our 504 loan program to create wealth by owning their own commercial property we can help! Contact us today!

So, if you are an owner of a small to mid-sized business looking to create wealth with commercial real estate ownership or know of one, please Contact Us to explore how Fountainhead can help you realize this dream today. You can join some of our most recent clients mentioned above who are positively delighted they contacted us!

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