Meet the newest member of our family

Happy Valentine’s Day. The Fountainhead family just got bigger. No weddings or surprise babies, but we have added a new lending opportunity for small businesses by now offering SBA 7(a) loans. Our relationship will remain centered on the SBA 504 program, but I wanted you to know we are more committed than ever to equipping small businesses for growth.

Congrats to our CDC Referral Partner
This is one of our “shutdown” closings – a $2.1 million deal in Huntington Beach, California, done with our partner, TMC Financing. Fountainhead closed the interim second of this SBA 504 project for another lender (household name) even though it wasn’t yet approved and authorized by the SBA due to the government shutdown.

Thanks to our industry partner for allowing us to be a part of another business owner win. We’ve love to help your CDC next!

Please call or email me any time I can be of service to your CDC.

Our FastTrack504 Referral Program: Paying You Up to 4% in Referral Fees on SBA 504 and Conventional Loans… and soon 7(a) loans, too

  • CDCs: make us your FIRST call to save your deal and/or earn loan premiums.
  • CDCs: when you get “near-miss” turndowns from another TPL, reach out to us for non-interest income. Don’t lose the entire deal to a competitor (another CDC, a conventional loan, a USDA B&I loan, or even to a 7(a) loan). We can assist you!
  • We ONLY provide SBA 504, 7(a) and low LTV (<65%) conventional loans. When you refer, we pay up to 4% in non-interest income/referral premiums through our FastTrack504 wholesale/secondary market program. Yes, even to CDCs like yours… Why would you reach out to anyone else?!?  

Please call (800-770-1504) or email me ( with any questions on your next deal and be sure to visit our website Fountainhead’s FastTrack504 Loan Referral Program to learn more. Click here FastTrack504 Par Pricing Information for the latest pricing/credit matrix.

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