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The end of summer means the beginning of a new school year. For students (and parents) that means new routines, new schedules, new friends and new challenges. I’ve always loved the fresh start aspect of that. Small businesses need the same sometimes.

Your business may need a personnel change or a re-do on a marketing campaign. You may also need a fresh start on your commercial real estate financing. We frequently hear from entrepreneurs who have loan terms that are holding them back and not in their favor… or have too-good-to-be-true proposals that their chosen lender suddenly can’t deliver on.

Refinancing your commercial property loan with our 504 or conventional loan may be just the fresh start and lift your business needs to spur growth and create personal wealth, especially in this rising interest rate environment.

Please contact me any time to discuss this for your business or those you know. We are big fans of small to midsized businesses and will always give an honest evaluation on what’s best for your particular scenario.

Congratulations to Another Hotelier

We just closed this $13MM refinance near Portland, Oregon. It’s the second largest deal we’ve been honored to do so far this year.

We have a LARGE appetite for refinancing construction and bridge loans into our permanent, fixed-rate conventional loan product or our 504 loan product. Let us know how we may help you or those you know with their financing.

Pronto – Remember 2 Hour Approvals

Our AI software Pronto can give you or your clients an approval on their commercial real estate loan in under two hours. In other words, they can:

  • Know in two hours what they can afford;
  • Identify the right property more efficiently; and
  • Close their transaction in a more timely manner.

The Pronto system runs through a highly secure interface on the Apply Today tab on the Fountainhead website.

Click here to apply: and complete the short application using our editable PDF’s. Drag-and-drop the needed documents and quickly receive a detailed, written approval within two hours or less. Faster approvals ultimately mean faster closings.

Thank You American City Business Journals

I was honored recently to be named to the American City Business Journal’s list of 100 Executives Influencing Commercial Real Estate.

The small business owners and entrepreneurs we serve at Fountainhead are the real heroes and influencers. They are creating jobs, growing our economy and building their local communities. They often spend little time on their futures, so we’re excited to help create personal wealth for them by financing their commercial real estate with the best terms, service and speed.

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