I’m Voting for You Newsletter

Vote! Vote! Vote! No matter your political persuasion, get out there and vote. I am unashamedly pro-business. I’m excited our economy is strong and businesses are growing. Make your vote count for business!


Fountainhead is all in for our referral partners. I am committed to making you successful as you support your business clients.

Part of my vote for you is the payoff we’re able to give many of our referral partners in the form of referral fees up to 4% on closed deals.

Call or email me any time to discuss your next deal or a client that could use our help.

The Chris and Bob Show…

I enjoyed speaking with my friend Bob Coleman for a “Man on the Street” interview at the recent NACLB Conference in Miami.

We covered A-Z on CRE financing. Everything from hospitality financing to conventional lending to the state of SBA lending in only 2.5 minutes – we probably could have gone on for hours. I’d welcome your opinions. Email me and let me know

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