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Alas, the World Cup is finally over, and we can all get a little more sleep in this “between time” for major sports. Entrepreneurs are always sleep deprived, so it was likely no big deal for them. Those are the folks we seek to serve as they take calculated risks and work to grow their companies. We do that by providing “game-changing” commercial real estate loans… creating wealth, while also helping them grow their operating companies with simply smarter financing.

I believe nonbanks are meeting the needs of business owners in a way banks often cannot these days with specialization, speed, service and innovation as the stand-out attributes. I had the opportunity to speak about it in this month’s Scotsman Guide, and I encourage you to do a quick read and discover how we can empower growth and wealth for entrepreneurs: Scotsman Guide: Build a New Business Model: Nonbanks are Leading a Paradigm Shift in CRE Lending.

Let me know what you think and call/email me to discover the difference for your business or those you know in financing commercial real estate.

Refi Floating-rate 7(a) Loans into our Fixed-rate Conventional Loans

You or your client can refinance a floating-rate, commercial real estate 7(a) loan with a Low LTV (<65%) Conventional Loan with us and significantly change the monthly outlook. Drop the rate, re-amortize the loan, and start enjoying monthly cash flow savings immediately.

One thing to note… it may be a challenge to modify an existing 7(a) loan, as the current lender likely sold the guaranteed amount in the secondary market, making it virtually impossible for them to modify it going-forward, so call or email me to discuss the options. 800-770-1504 or info@fountainheadcc.com. We refi floating-rate 7(a) loans into our fixed-rate conventional loans regularly and all across the country. But HURRY, as the Prime rate keeps climbing! Create even greater wealth for you or your clients’ future.

We are a Small Business Resource for You and Yours

I encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get updates and business coaching from our video library. These 50+ videos are a small business owner’s MUST-SEE resource covering lending, wealth creation, customer service and other relevant topics.

We frequently upload new videos with new content, so subscribing will keep you and those you know, current. The videos are short and packed with info to grow businesses and create wealth. Call or message me with any questions. 800-770-1504

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