I can’t vote if you don’t read this for 60 seconds Newsletter

The political craziness in our country is at a frenzy. I’m amazed at the billboards and signs reminding people to vote. We shouldn’t have to be reminded to do the right thing.

Fountainhead is committed to doing the right thing – no reminders needed. We will always:

  • Act quickly (2 hour approvals with Pronto)
  • Serve with diligence, accuracy and excellence
  • Close on time

Our vote is for business owners and commercial real estate. We work with entrepreneurs directly and also pay our referral partners to get their clients to the finish line.

I’m a raving fan of customer service. That’s why we’re committing to doing the right thing and the hard tasks to make our business owners and referral partners successful.

Call or email me today. I want to cast my vote for your project.

Hotel Financing… We will get your deal done!

Our SBA 504 and our Conventional loan products are great tools to finance flagged hotels, including acquisitions, acquisitions with PIP, refinances with cash-outs and even ground-up construction.

Fountainhead has been honored this year to finance our highest ever volume of hospitality properties, all over the country.

Our promise is to partner with hotel owners and their advisors to grow their portfolio and position their brand for even more growth. We make it happen when others cannot and faster than anyone else. Call me to get your hotel deal approve and to the closing table.

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