Have you considered going conventional? Newsletter

Many people think of us as the “504 guys.” We enjoy financing business owners with that SBA product, but over half of our volume so far this year is actually our conventional loan product.

Check out this really short (0:52) description of why Fountainhead’s conventional loan product may be just the right thing for you or your client.

Whatever loan serves you best, the Fountainhead team is standing by to still close commercial real estate loans for you and your clients, by the end of 2018.

I’m available any day to speak with you about your financing needs or the needs of those you serve. Call or email me today. Let’s get your deal done before the New Year!

Give a Man a Fish… You know the rest of the saying.

Owning vs leasing is the same as teaching vs giving. Owning establishes long term security and wealth for business owners. It keeps money in their pockets.

The owners we’ve been honored to finance are on the rise and our referral partners are getting paid. I’d encourage every business owner in an owner-occupied space to consider buying, especially now, when rates are still low by historic measures… which means owning is usually cheaper than continuing to rent. Referral Partners, if you have clients that want to stop leasing, call or email me to jump start the process right away.

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