GRIT beats Shutdown.

We’re three weeks into 2019, and I’m sure your goal setting has resulted in some changed work habits. The shutdown has certainly changed our workflow, as we’ve ramped up to help CDC’s save deals caught in the craziness.

We’re Still Closing Deals

We’re even closing unauthorized SBA 504 loans for other lenders – either the interim second lien loan or both the first lien loan AND the interim second lien loan. I know of no other commercial lender who’s stepping up to do likewise. Call/email me today, like so many other CDC’s we’ve heard from, if you have a deal that’s on the edge.

Know the People You Serve

We both serve business owners, and it’s important to identify with their mindset as they begin a new year and navigate these uncertain times.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are many things, but they all have grit. It’s that mix of resilience, perseverance, nerve and resolve. Place yourself in their shoes to best serve them.

I’m here to make you successful and help close your deals. I’d welcome the opportunity to be a value-add to your CDC. Call or email me today!

Your only cost is a phone call.

Fountainhead works diligently to create success for CDC’s. I value our relationship which is why we can pay you up to 4% on closed deals… but if you’re a CDC who doesn’t accept secondary market premiums, we can still work with you to help your clients. Call/email me anytime to discuss.

We offer:

  • interim 2nd lien loans
  • 1st lien loans
  • legal lending limit solutions
  • geographic footprint restriction solutions
  • two-hour approvals for piece-of-mind and short closing deadlines

The Fountainhead video library is always open for you.

The Fountainhead video library is available 24/7 with over 60 videos on a variety of topics. There’s something for everyone with material on financing, real estate, service and business.

Videos average one to two minutes. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when a new video is posted.


Our FastTrack504 Referral Program: Paying You Up to 4% in Referral Fees on SBA 504 Loans

  • CDCs: make us your FIRST call to earn loan premiums.
  • CDCs: when you get “near-miss” turndowns from another TPL, reach out to us for non-interest income. Don’t lose the entire deal to a competitor (another CDC, a conventional loan, a USDA B&I loan, or even to a 7(a) loan). We can assist you!
  • We ONLY provide SBA 504 and low LTV (<65%) conventional loans. When you refer, we pay up to 4% in non-interest income/referral premiums through our FastTrack504 wholesale/secondary market program. Yes, even to CDCs like yours… Why would you reach out to anyone else?!?

Please call (800-770-1504) or email me ( with any questions on your next deal and be sure to visit our website Fountainhead’s FastTrack 504 Loan Referral Program to learn more. Click here FastTrack504 Par Pricing Information for the latest pricing/credit matrix.

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