Four Lessons from the Underdog Newsletter

I was excited when offered me the opportunity to write about my Loyola Ramblers who had an incredible underdog run on the way to the Final Four back in March.

I’ve always been a sucker for the underdog. To this day, as a serial entrepreneur, I still consider myself one. I usually relish the role, but watching an underdog prevail feels even better, especially when it’s my school and team. I owe so very much to Loyola.

This article is a quick four minute read and will give your day a little inspiration. Here are my takeaway lessons for life and business from this exciting experience:

  1. Live (and play) fully.
  2. Strive to do your best.
  3. Compete honestly and honorably.
  4. Be proud of your history but strive for more.

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As an entrepreneur or one who helps them, you may even feel like an underdog regularly. Know that Fountainhead is here to support you in reaching the next level of growth for your company or in serving those who are. I’m as passionate about helping small business owners finance their commercial real estate as I am about my Ramblers. Please contact me any time to discuss this for your business or for those you know.

SBA Rates Always Win

One of the key advantages of SBA 504 financing is the long term, below-market rate of the debenture. This month, the 20-year fixed rate is 3.58% and the new 25-year debenture rate is 3.71%.

You won’t find that anywhere else in the marketplace. This is why the SBA 504 program makes so much sense for small businesses. What entrepreneur wouldn’t rather create wealth for themselves as opposed to making their landlord rich with monthly lease payments. Call or email me to discuss for your company.

Fountainhead: a Florida Company to Watch

We were notified last week that Fountainhead was named a finalist in the GrowFL — Top 50 Florida Companies to Watch awards program!

We’re very honored by this and of course, realize we have our great clients and referral partners to thank for this honor! Many Thanks!

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