How Do You Feel Helping People with Wealth Creation?

I get asked that question a lot: Why do I do what I do and how does it make me feel? I know that the financing that we provide, often called smarter financing, is very impactful for these business owners when they buy a piece of property for what they’re currently leasing. It could be half a million to a couple million dollars–whatever the case is, it makes a material impact on that business owner’s net worth and, in some cases, I’m sure it’s going to last generations. I think it’s terrific. I used to be a management consultant. I could certainly roll up my sleeves and get in there and give them a lot of other business advice, but that’s not what I’m overly passionate about. What I’m overly passionate about is this–teaching them how they can create wealth through commercial property ownership done the best way possible.

There’s a lot of people out there that purport to be trusted advisors to small and mid-sized companies, but oftentimes they’re sort of just pitching their own product or service. I like to think that when people know about what we do, it’s a real easy choice for the business owner to make. It’s a no-brainer. There are not that many no-brainers out there in the world. There are not that many products that sort of sell themselves. When people know about it, and I happen to be a provider, that’s pretty synonymous with this product, so it’s a tremendous thing for business owners. I’ve had few people over the years ask me what the catch is or say, “It’s too good to be true,” or that it can’t be. Well, no. I’ve financed billions of dollars under this program. I‘ve helped hundreds and hundreds of business owners. I’ve created tens of thousands of jobs through this program. No, it’s quite real and I just hope, through our educational efforts, we can bring the message to more business owners in America because I think there are a lot more who can benefit from this.

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