FastTrack 504™

FastTrack 504™ is the first, fully outsourced wholesale commercial loan program in the SBA 504 loan marketplace.

No longer will you have to scramble to find construction financing, interim loan financing, or otherwise reject a perfectly decent SBA 504 loan candidate.

You can earn substantial noninterest income essentially just for registering and referring SBA 504 transactions to Fountainhead, while you get back to doing what you do best.

If you don’t currently provide SBA financing, you no longer have to sit on the sidelines – FastTrack 504™ allows you to compete in your market with our best-in-class platform.

If you don’t currently participate in SBA loan programs, you don’t have to waste resources to staff-up a highly-specialized SBA department – that’s what FastTrack 504™ will do for you.

Small business lenders who already have a portfolio of SBA 504 first mortgages now have a viable secondary market option in which to sell their loans so they can free-up space to make even more loans.

If you have hit your regulatory limits on construction loans or high loan-to-value loans, Fountainhead has the solution:  FastTrack 504™.
Sadly, the “old” SBA 504 secondary market is no longer viable. You will be wasting time underwriting transactions without knowing the outcome.

But with FastTrack 504™, you can easily sign-up and simply hand-off a prospective borrower’s name and contact details.  The Fountainhead team will literally take it from there:  fully underwriting the transaction; working with a CDC and the SBA for approvals; closing and funding both the first mortgage portion as well as the interim second mortgage portion; and doing post-closing marketing (with the borrower and originating lender’s permission, of course).  Once the SBA debenture funds-out the Fountainhead interim second mortgage, we will remit to our FastTrack 504 participant partner loan premiums up to 4% of the funded first mortgage loan amount.

FastTrack 504™ takes out the lender hassles inherent in SBA 504 loans.  It allows you to participate in this great loan program.  It allows you to take care of your customers in the best way possible, without worrying you may lose the full client relationship.  It allows you to compete on deals outside your market area, outside your loan policy parameters, and beyond your legal lending limit.

For more details on Fountainhead’s FastTrack 504™ program, please fill out the form below and a Fountainhead team member will get right back to you.

SBA 504 loans are a phenomenal program for owners of small and midsized businesses… but SBA 504 lending no longer has to be complicated, tedious or slow for lenders like you.  It’s time it became profitable for you.  It’s time you get on the FastTrack.

For more details on Fountainhead’s FastTrack 504™ program, please call us at 800-770-1504 or fill out the form below and a Fountainhead team member will personally guide your deal to a profitable conclusion for you and your borrower.

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