Do You Want Your Clients to Close?

Core values are the foundation upon which we all work and live. At Fountainhead, we have a number of these: excellence, efficiency, speed, execution, service. We also recognize that it REALLY matters when a client makes it to close and closes on time. That’s part of our execution piece and absolutely what we’re known for.

I frequently get calls from our referral partners, frustrated about a particular deal that simply can’t seem to get to the finish line… with another lender.

Our commitment to execution has created a reputation that Fountainhead is all about solutions, and we love that. It’s a byproduct of all our core values, lived daily.

Our record to date on a closing from start to finish is 20 days. That’s not something we want to do every week, but we DO want to serve you in a way that creates success, growth and future wealth for those you serve.

I’m always available to support you in serving your small business clients. Call or email me any time… we’ll make time for you while we’re busy closing-out our month with over $17.7MM of projects financed just this week alone.

Creativity in Lending Gets Results

The nature of entrepreneurs is to try until they succeed. These two clients found a unique synergy then came to us to solve their lending problem.

The Fountainhead team has a deep bench of experience and knows how to pull a win out of what seems like insurmountable odds. Call us today to take the next step in growing your client’s business. 800-770-1504.

Let’s Meet in Dallas at the AACFB Expo

I’m honored to have been asked to speak about SBA financing for one of the General Sessions at the inaugural AACFB Commercial Financing Expo in Dallas on September 6-7, 2018.

Register for this excellent event and be sure to come by and see me in the exhibit hall. Better yet, call ahead and let’s set a time to meet and talk about how Fountainhead can best serve you and your clients.

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