Do you want to break a record? Newsletter

The political ads have finally ceased, and we can start life again. There’s been lots of talk about all the records broken in this election cycle… more money, more turnout, more business candidates.
Fountainhead is breaking a record this year too. We will close more projects for business owners than any other year since we opened. Our rate of growth actually exceeds any year at the former company I started.

I’m excited to work with every single business owner that’s investing in their company’s future by buying a commercial property to call home. It’s an honor for us to work with these owners and our referral partners.

Let me know how we can serve you in the remaining weeks of 2018, or as you gear up for big things in 2019.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and remember, I’m always available to answer any questions. Give me a call and let’s do this!

Fountainhead Prequalifies CRE Buyers

When you go shopping for commercial real estate for your business, knowing your budget is key to getting a deal done. Fountainhead is prequalifying CRE buyers in two hours.

Here’s a brief explanation of what prequalifying for an SBA 504 or our Conventional Loan Product can do for your real estate search.

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