Do you have a deal with an imminent closing hung up by the shutdown?

I’ve often said, “We can SAVE A DEAL.” Now is the time we’d like to prove that to you. We don’t want small business owners or your CDC to be hurt because our elected officials in DC can’t work together for the moment.

We’re funding loans!
We can still close on an unauthorized 504 loan. Yes, you really did just read that correctly: an unauthorized 504 loan (meaning it’s a 504 project, but SBA hasn’t approved it “officially” yet, so no SBA Authorization exists yet on the deal). We’ll close those, too, for you and your clients.

In fact, we closed an unauthorized 504 on New Year’s Eve. See, our experience is so deep in this industry for so many years, that we KNOW such deals will get authorized eventually, when the government comes back online. But we’re not fearful to take on that minor risk, like many others, on behalf of you and your clients.

We’ll be your Amazon PRIME. Send us your deal ASAP and let’s see what we can do. We’ll apply our Amazon Prime-like approval times (usually in less than two hours) and common sense approach to business solutions, unfazed by worst-case worries and fears.

If you have a deal hung-up by the shutdown and an imminent closing deadline, call me today to discuss. Don’t wait another moment…

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