Defy the Summer Slump Newsletter

Few industries are immune to the summer slump that most sectors of business have come to expect. Beat the odds, close deals and prep for future business with a few strategic moves.

  1. Use the time to do tasks that always get pushed to the bottom of the list.
  2. Nurture existing relationships and prospect new ones.
  3. Create some personal margin, so you’ll be refreshed for the fall.
  4. Strategize for the coming months and set up a growth oriented fall.

The Fountainhead team does the same during the summer, but we are also working hard to serve clients through these months.

I started my summer with a family vacation out West (missed Kanye… let me know if you get the reference), but am back in the office ready to work for you. Call me anytime to discuss how we can be of service to you and those you know.

Differentiate this Summer with Customer Service

Exemplary customer service must be your key differentiator and disruptor, no matter your industry. It will change your business. Listen to this short (.23) video on what it can do for you and your business.

Fanatical customer service will distinguish your brand. It builds repeat business, combats price competition and builds morale. We enjoy serving our clients in this manner. Call us anytime to start the conversation. 800-770-1504

We Create Wealth

Fountainhead is in business to create wealth, growth and expansion for small businesses through commercial real estate ownership. We:

  • are a national, commercial, direct, non-bank lender
  • make SBA 504 and Low LTV (<65%) Conventional Loans on CRE
  • give approvals within two hours through our AI software Pronto
  • are an innovator and long-time specialist in the CRE finance industry

Please contact me anytime to discuss how we can help catapult your business trajectory (or those you know) by acquiring, building or refinancing your commercial real estate. 880-770-1504.

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