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According to the SBA, there are almost 30 million small businesses in the US. They employ 47.8% of US workers and account for 63% of the net share of new jobs over the past six years.

These small businesses played a huge role in the 4.2% GDP growth that our country experienced in 2Q18. This is why I’m all in for small business owners and supporting them in growing their businesses.

We offer a number of financing options for entrepreneurs, but our Fountainhead 504 loan program is one that is literally meant to encourage economic development. When small business owners get better terms, better pricing and an overall better loan structure, they can save more of their capital and reinvest it in their business. That means growth and expansion. That means new jobs. That means everybody wins.

Fountainhead exists to support and serve small businesses and those who serve them. Please call/email me any time to discuss how I can support you.

Congratulations to Robins Plumbing in Phoenix

I was excited to end August with a closing for our new client, Robins Plumbing in Phoenix, AZ (we actually closed over $9.04MM in commercial real estate loans in the month of August). In financing their new HQ’s building, a 9,183 SF office-warehouse building, we provided 90% loan-to-cost financing. We encourage you to contact Robins Plumbing, if you’re in the Phoenix area and ever in need of plumbing services.

Let us know how we can help you or those you know with similar wealth creation for business owners.

The ABC’s of SBA Lending

I’m honored to be speaking at the AACFB Commercial Financing Expo in Dallas today on SBA Lending. I put together a PPT that succinctly explains all the basics of each program. I thought it might be a helpful resource for you.

You can download the PPT here for a quick review or to keep as a reference.

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