Collaboration creates success

Andrew Carnegie said, “Collaboration is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” As a referral partner, you are the lifeblood of Fountainhead, and together, we can accomplish incredible things for our clients.

Let’s Work Together

FastTrack was created, so you would know just how much we value you as a referral partner. That’s why we pay CDC Referral Fees up to 4% on closed deals… and why our industry-leading speed-to-decisions and specialization is matched by no other TPL’s. Perhaps it’s time we work together on a new deal? By working with us, a national, nonbank, direct lender, we can strengthen your relationships with your clients.

Just for CDC’s

We can provide a variety of solutions for your CDC, including first lien loans (and interims) on projects you originate; interim second lien loans to help your TPL; and both or either to solve legal lending limit issues, geographic footprint restrictions, property-type concentration or other credit restrictions. We can also approve a borrower in under two hours with our online, AI software Pronto. If you haven’t tried us, perhaps it’s time?

I’d welcome the opportunity to partner with you and those you serve. Check out the FastTrack link for more details. Working with an active secondary market lender, like us, can prove more rewarding than you may realize.

Call or email me anytime to discuss a partnership.

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