How to choose a SBA 504 lender

Defined by Fine Dictionary, a fountainhead is 1: “an abundant source” and 2: a “principal source.”

Fountainhead Commercial Capital has made it not only its goal, but its passion to be the leading source of Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans. We help empower small businesses to invest long term into the communities they serve. Fountainhead has been feeding businesses with commercial capital insight and an unmatched level of expertise in the SBA 504 loan marketplace.

Whether simply curious or absolutely set on taking advantage of the SBA 504 for your business, Fountainhead recommends you keep in mind the three S’s that make us so effective at finding success for our clients.

The Three S’s Your SBA 504 Lender Should Provide.

Specialized: Fountainhead provides highly specialized, industry-leading knowledge and experience. This means better value for our customers. We have seen every structure and financed every scenario, which allows for our extreme depth of knowledge. We don’t dabble in SBA 504 lending–it is our sole focus and specialty.

Speed: Fountainhead understands just how valuable time is to an owner of a small business. We often provide answers in hours instead of days and weeks. We understand the anxieties that come with business ownership. That’s why we ensure that questions about your SBA 504 loan are never among those worries.

Sincerity: Above all else, Fountainhead was founded under two principals: authenticity and transparency. We’re not interested in pitching you other banking products or services that you may already have or do not need. We’ll also never make excuses for delays or pass the blame to regulators. Fountainhead has earned the trust of countless businesses by being the accountable, responsible and tells-it-as-it-is group that we are.

While others may attempt to be everything to everyone, we have specialized in our niche of SBA 504 loans. We place a high value on speed of service for our clients and earning trust through authenticity and transparency. If your SBA 504 lender cannot provide you the same dedication and specialization, you may not be receiving the level of care and insight that your business deserves on the road to long-term success.

Being an entrepreneur is challenging enough without the stress of your SBA 504 loan weighing heavily on your shoulders. See how Fountainhead can help.

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