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The Hot US economy paired with record high small business optimism is creating an extremely healthy environment for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

Growth requires access to capital which we are excited to offer to small business owners who want to take the next step by acquiring their commercial real estate.

  • 69.7% of small business owners have a positive outlook for the future
  • 6 straight quarters of rising optimism on the SB Index
  • 71% of healthy small businesses say it was easy to obtain financing

If you advise business owners or are one yourself, we should be talking. Call/email us to discuss the multiple options available right now. I’m happy to speak with you or those you know.

Now back to our three closings we’ve got between now and the end of tomorrow…

Hotel Financing is Up, Up, Up

We have experienced a significant uptick this year in hotel lending. We are regularly financing limited service, flagged hotels and some unflagged destination hotels with our Fountainhead 504 and Low LTV (<65%) Conventional Loans. This includes ground up construction and traditional acquisitions of existing properties, with PIP, as well as cash-out refinances.

Additionally, hotel owners with floating rate 7(a) loans are locking in lower rates by refinancing with our highly competitive Conventional loans. We can be a hotelier’s best friend in creating wealth and improving cashflow through our smarter financing. Call/email me anytime to discuss.

Pronto Gets Your Transaction Started

The place to start in considering a commercial real estate purchase is to know what you can afford and for how much you will qualify. Don’t let your plans train wreck because you haven’t done your homework up front.

Our Pronto software literally gives approvals in less than two hours. Check out the Apply Today link online then call/email us to discuss. Don’t wait around for weeks for those “ordinary” lenders…

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