Have you considered going conventional? Newsletter

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Many people think of us as the “504 guys.” We enjoy financing business owners with that SBA product, but over half of our volume so far this year is actually our conventional loan product. Check out this really short (0:52) description of why Fountainhead’s conventional loan product may be just the right thing for you or your client. Whatever loan serves you best, the Fountainhead team is standing by to still close commercial real estate loans for you and your clients, by the end of 2018. I’m available any day to speak with you about your financing needs or the … Read More

4 Incredible Comebacks Newsletter

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Everybody loves a great comeback story. They permeate every part of life. Apple: bankruptcy to tech giant. Kurt Warner: welfare to Super Bowl MVP. Lego: losses to most profitable toy maker. Robert Downey Jr: drug arrests to Marvel hero. Ready for Your Own Comeback? Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Your business or the businesses of those you serve should say checkmate to ever increasing lease payments, and reposition by buying commercial real estate. Repositioning creates equity, impacts cash flow and catapults growth. Fountainhead is creating comebacks with Fountainhead 504 and Low LTV Conventional loans. Business owners are on … Read More

Your Clock is Ticking Newsletter

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I passed a home this week that already had Christmas lights up. I love the holidays, but really? It did remind me that the clock is ticking on business to be completed this year. If you want to get it across the finish line in 2018, it’s time to take action, NOW. Our average time to close a loan is 40 days, from first call/email to signing final documents. But, if everyone’s motivated and hustles, our record is 21 days, from start to finish. Regardless, we can approve you or those you serve in under two hours with our AI … Read More

We finance businesses to greatness! Newsletter

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Many large companies have help from the SBA as part of their story. Apple, Under Armour and Chipotle (to name just a few) all turned to the SBA when they needed support early on to take the next step. I founded Fountainhead with the purpose of helping as many business owners as possible to grow their wealth and their business. Our connection to so many companies is often through our referral partners that get paid in our FastTrack504 program. We value everyone with whom we work… but we always want to work with more. I’m never happy until we’ve come … Read More

Transparency between Me and You Newsletter

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I enjoyed sharing Fountainhead’s story at a YPO Global “In the Boardroom” event last week. I highly value the transparency this group has in regard to business. That’s uncommon these days. Transparency is not just honesty. It’s celebrating success and being clear about failure. I’m an entrepreneur like you or those your serve, so I’ve had plenty of both. Success AND failure propel me forward to accomplish great things for others. Fountainhead Exists for Your Success I understand what it means to give everything you have to an effort and risk it all for success (among other reasons why, I … Read More

Anchor Your Floating Rate with a Refi Newsletter

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We’re praying for our friends on the East Coast who are already under the effects of Hurricane Florence. As an SBA lender for SBA 504 loans, I’m proud of all the work the agency does for disaster relief loans to small businesses. If you happen to be a small business impacted by the storm, click here for more information on that. The SBA played a key role after Hurricane Harvey (and many others) in helping small businesses recover. 7(a) Floating Rate Refi’s The adjustable rate home mortgages of the 2000’s did not end well for many people. A floating rate … Read More

Don’t Forget Newsletter

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The morning of September 11, 2001, is so clearly etched in each of our minds that it’s hard to believe that day was 17 years ago. We were all changed that day but certainly none more than the families of those killed. The stories of rescuers and first responders will live on as inspiration for heroic living. I talk about issues each week that impact small business owners and those of us who serve them. Today, my words are simply that of thankfulness for living in a country where we have the freedom to do business as we please; the … Read More

Crank up Business – Crank up the Economy Newsletter

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According to the SBA, there are almost 30 million small businesses in the US. They employ 47.8% of US workers and account for 63% of the net share of new jobs over the past six years. These small businesses played a huge role in the 4.2% GDP growth that our country experienced in 2Q18. This is why I’m all in for small business owners and supporting them in growing their businesses. We offer a number of financing options for entrepreneurs, but our Fountainhead 504 loan program is one that is literally meant to encourage economic development. When small business owners … Read More

Check out the White Hot Numbers Newsletter

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The Hot US economy paired with record high small business optimism is creating an extremely healthy environment for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Growth requires access to capital which we are excited to offer to small business owners who want to take the next step by acquiring their commercial real estate. 69.7% of small business owners have a positive outlook for the future 6 straight quarters of rising optimism on the SB Index 71% of healthy small businesses say it was easy to obtain financing If you advise business owners or are one yourself, we should be talking. Call/email us … Read More

Four Lessons from the Underdog Newsletter

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I was excited when Medium.com offered me the opportunity to write about my Loyola Ramblers who had an incredible underdog run on the way to the Final Four back in March. I’ve always been a sucker for the underdog. To this day, as a serial entrepreneur, I still consider myself one. I usually relish the role, but watching an underdog prevail feels even better, especially when it’s my school and team. I owe so very much to Loyola. This article is a quick four minute read and will give your day a little inspiration. Here are my takeaway lessons for … Read More