Push your risk quotient!

The recent Jeopardy craze has swept the country as contestant, James Holzhauer, has racked up over $1.7M as of this writing. Ratings have spiked as people tune in to watch his aggressive playing style. As he told the New York Times, his strategy is “to pick the highest dollar categories, … Read More

You are a key component

We are eager to partner with your CDC to provide SBA 504 financing for business owner wealth creation through CRE ownership. I’ve worked with and closed 504 loans with over 130 CDC’s in my career, and Fountainhead is always honored to be a part of small business success and growth. … Read More

Your daily work can equal extra income

There is so much bluster in the media as the run-up to 2020 is already in full swing. It often seems disconnected from the realities of every day life and business. I know you’re working hard each day to simply serve business owners and help them accomplish their goals. Fountainhead … Read More

Collaboration creates success

Andrew Carnegie said, “Collaboration is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” As a referral partner, you are the lifeblood of Fountainhead, and together, we can accomplish incredible things for our clients. Let’s Work Together FastTrack was created, so you would know just how much we value … Read More

Don’t panic – the answer is financing!

Are you the voice of reason to your clients? When they have a small “hurdle” that’s a mountain to them? I can guarantee they will appreciate a voice of reason that calmly speaks strategy and solutions. The Equipment and Leasing Association just released it’s 10 Equipment Acquisition Trends for 2019. … Read More

Let’s create success for your clients together

A recent survey of several thousand small businesses owners showed that their number one challenge was capital! I’m sure you know that to be the case with many of your clients. I want to support you at every opportunity possible, which is why we’ve added the Fountainhead 7(a) program to … Read More

Meet the newest member of our family

Happy Valentine’s Day. The Fountainhead family just got bigger. No weddings or surprise babies, but we have added a new lending opportunity for small businesses by now offering SBA 7(a) loans. Our relationship will remain centered on the SBA 504 program, but I wanted you to know we are more … Read More

The morning after… State of Small Business.

No matter your politics, it’s exciting to see small businesses expanding, creating jobs and energizing the economy. 304,000 jobs were created in January and annual economic growth is set to pass 3% for the first time in almost a decade and a half. The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index was … Read More

GRIT beats Shutdown.

We’re three weeks into 2019, and I’m sure your goal setting has resulted in some changed work habits. The shutdown has certainly changed our workflow, as we’ve ramped up to help CDC’s save deals caught in the craziness. We’re Still Closing Deals We’re even closing unauthorized SBA 504 loans for … Read More