Who can benefit most from the SBA 504 loan?

The people who benefit the most from SBA 504 loans are small businesses all the way up to mid-sized companies.

We’ve recently closed a loan for a $100 million general contracting company–so we go from that extreme, all the way down to a franchise startup. A lot of our clients have annual revenues in the million to $10 million range. So, it’s all over the board really.

The key is, we’re financing commercial real estate for that business owner. That’s what’s really important.

If a company is stuck leasing a property because it can’t afford to buy it, that’s where we come in. Fountainhead Commercial Capital specializes in SBA 504 loans. We can help you convert a monthly lease payment into a monthly mortgage payment. 

It’s a very powerful conversion. The same way people move out of apartments into homes, business owners move from a lease to ownership. It makes sense to do this if you know you’re going to be in this building for some time.

Maybe you already own your property and need capital for equipment or working capital. Small business loans could be for a wide range of opportunities. When it comes down to it, we’re here to help your business grow.

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