What building improvements can I make with the SBA 504 loan?

I often get asked, “Should I buy? Should I build? Is there something in between? Should I buy and renovate?” There’s a lot of ways to go with building improvements.

It really comes down to personal preference. If you want to be the most economical about things, oftentimes it is cheaper to buy than to build from scratch.

If you can’t really find anything that fits your needs, whether it’s square footage, layout or location, maybe you can find something that just takes some renovations. Renovations are a great use of our loans. Whether it’s low LTV conventional loan or our SBA 504 loan, we can help improve your property. 

We’ll do anything that we can finance the acquisition of a commercial property. We can finance with building improvements, renovating it, etc. 

We love to aid in ground up construction on a project. But that’s not the only kind of building improvements we focus on. We also do refinances for people who’ve already decided to own their commercial property for their operating company. For their business, we come and refinance it for them and provide them better terms, better rates, longer terms, etc. 

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