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I’m the typical entrepreneur and small business owner who usually fills every moment of every day. Rarely can I just stare out the window and/or be bored. The daily stream of issues to be addressed makes it a necessity to prioritize the things that matter most. As much as I love helping small business owners, being a dad is even better.
To all the dads: I hope you had a great day this past Sunday. All of us are influencing at least someone every day. And influencers are the ones who impact, create change and determine the future. Entrepreneurs are some of the biggest influencers around, which is why we like working with them so much and financing them to create wealth with commercial real estate ownership. To the right is a picture of my kids and me watching a World Cup match this past Sunday.
Serving entrepreneurs gets me up in the morning and makes my work meaningful, but being a parent and an influencer is a blessing that propels me.
Call/email me to discuss how I can be of service to you or those you know.

Are there any Risks to the SBA 504 loan?

Prepayment penalties are a reality on SBA 504 lending but definitely not the deal breaker that some make them out to be.
Check out this short (2:46) video which breaks down the details and why a lower down and below market rates, far outweigh any downside for most small business owners.
Are There Any Risks to the SBA 504 Loan?

AI Software is Revolutionizing Small Business

AI is revolutionizing small business with tools for customer service and greater efficiency. Forbesjust published an excellent article on this.

Fountainhead is using our proprietary and highly secure AI software Pronto to give loan approvals for commercial real estate in only two hours. Check out our website for the details and call anytime to discuss how we can put tech to work for you or those you serve in acquiring commercial real estate for small business.

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