A Birthday, a Closing, and a Super Bowl Wish…

Happy Birthday to us! Sure, it may be a little unusual to wish ourselves this, but no one has ever accused us of being “ordinary.” 🙂 Just in case you didn’t already figure this out: Fountainhead Commercial Capital turned 1 year old earlier this week. Truly amazing how fast time flies…

As with all small to midsized businesses, we’ve had our highs… our lows… and just about everything in between. But, that is what makes entrepreneurship so exciting, so exhilarating. And unlike some, we here at Fountainhead all happen to love the challenges associated with growing a successful business. Mere mortals may not understand the roller coaster ride like you and we do, but as the old adage says, “most people live quiet lives of desperation.” We don’t want ANY of that!

As you surely know, success is a group effort so we want to take this moment to thank everybody that has helped us have a great first year. THANK YOU to our referral partners, our business partners and most of all, to our customers and soon-to-be customers.

So, what did we accomplish during this first year in business? Here are just a few of the highlights:

1. We financed over $29MM of projects with our flagship SBA 504 loan program in just our last six months of operations (it often takes a little while to get things off-the-ground).

2. We helped business owners in six (6) different states realize their dreams of wealth creation through commercial real estate ownership.

3. We attended every major industry conference held by the associations for small business finance professionals (NADCO and NAGGL), including exhibiting, speaking and probably most valuable, seeing old friends and making new contacts.

4. But most exciting for us was laying the foundation for our explosive growth in the year(s) to come.

More GREAT News: we are moving out west, not quite all the way to the coast, but getting closer. The latest states where we will now also finance projects include: Texas; Colorado; Kansas; and Oklahoma. Needless to say, if you or anyone you know have a great project that needs financing in one of these states, please contact us right away to see how we can help!

Much like we helped our most recent customer…

An Online E-Commerce Business – we just provided financing for a $1.45 million project in New Jersey to finance the acquisition of a 15,537 SF commercial office/warehouse building, allowing for additional merchandise storage space. We wish the owners of Much LED much success with their business and congratulate them on creating wealth with the ownership of their commercial real estate.

Finally, we’ll leave you with a few thoughts on the upcoming weekend… THEE final weekend of football… yes, you know, the one with the Super Bowl!


Family, friends, great food, drinks, some funny commercials, some not-too-funny commercials, too much analysis, hours of hype, a big halftime concert and oh yeah… maybe a great football game will break out 🙂 Here are some of the questions we’re pondering before the big event…

Will Peyton Manning ride off into the sunset with another Super Bowl victory?

Will Cam Newton create another new celebration dance?

Will Curt (our CFO) EVER get to see his beloved Cleveland Browns play in “the Big One”?

We’re pretty confident two of the above three questions will be resolved by Sunday night. That last question may NEVER get resolved… and only one of us is truly “pondering” it anyway. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the game! We wish you much happiness, safety and a prosperous new week!

Respectfully yours,

The Fountainhead Team

P.S. Reach out to us – the SBA 504 Specialists – if you have ANY questions whatsoever or if you’d like more information on how to partner with us under our FastTrack504™ Program! Feel free to contact us anytime, and we will get right back to you! We pride ourselves on being the most responsive lenders in the industry…

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