4 Incredible Comebacks Newsletter

Everybody loves a great comeback story. They permeate every part of life. Apple: bankruptcy to tech giant. Kurt Warner: welfare to Super Bowl MVP. Lego: losses to most profitable toy maker. Robert Downey Jr: drug arrests to Marvel hero.

Ready for Your Own Comeback?
Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Your business or the businesses of those you serve should say checkmate to ever increasing lease payments, and reposition by buying commercial real estate.

Repositioning creates equity, impacts cash flow and catapults growth.

Fountainhead is creating comebacks with Fountainhead 504 and Low LTV Conventional loans. Business owners are on the rise and our referral partners are getting paid. Everybody wins!

Deny the Market Craziness with Fountainhead 504 loan

Are you as tired as I am of the media talking heads going on and on about the Fed and rate hikes? And this week, the market? Whatever happens with the Dow and 10-year Treasury yields, SBA 504 rates will always be a lower-priced option in the marketplace.

Don’t consider any other loan for owner-occupied/owner-user commercial property ownership without considering this one first. Call me anytime to discuss. And maybe turn off CNBC for a few days…

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