$252,904,204 – Past the 1/4 billion mark! Newsletter

As of last Friday, Fountainhead has closed just over one-quarter of a billion dollars ($252,904,204.) in commercial loans since May of 2015, just 39 months ago. This is nearly twice the pace of the previous company I founded. So, I want to give a big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who helped us along the way!

I’m very proud of our team, our referral partners, and of course, our business owner clients who’ve entrusted their financing to us. Here’s to the next quarter billion closing twice as fast again!

Fountainhead exists to help small business owners create personal wealth and grow their businesses through smarter commercial real estate ownership. Please contact me any time to discuss this for your business or for those you know.

Refi Your 7(a) Rate Down – Change the Future

You or your client can refinance a floating-rate, commercial real estate 7(a) loan using our Low LTV (<65%) Conventional Loan and significantly change the monthly outlook. Drop the rate, re-amortize the loan, and start enjoying monthly cash flow savings now (and maybe even pull some inexpensive cash out?).

It can be challenging to modify an existing 7(a) loan, as the current lender likely sold the guaranteed amount in the secondary market, making it virtually impossible for them to modify it going-forward. We have options for you to refi into our fixed-rate conventional loans. But HURRY, as the Prime rate keeps climbing!

Rush Hour Doesn’t have Anything on Pronto

Our AI software Pronto can give you or your clients an approval on their commercial real estate loan in under two hours.

The Pronto system runs through a highly secure interface on our site. Just click here. Approvals at the speed of sound… or nearly. 😉

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