When Government Picks Winners, Small Business Loses

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Winners Losers

The following is a “sneak preview” of an upcoming Forbes article written by Chris Hurn about the continued mixed messages from our Government about truly supporting the “Small Businesses” in America, enjoy… As we catapult through the newest political season, I’m reminded of a theme from the last presidential election when the stump speeches often touched on the concept of the government “picking winners and losers.” Whether we are discussing the auto business struggling or the banking industry teetering, a fundamental question arises, asking whether or not the government should influence policy in a way where it essentially plays favorites … Read More

Happy Labor Day – A Personal Note From Chris Hurn…

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As some of you know, I went through a brief “wilderness period” late last year after I unsuccessfully attempted to buy back the company I founded in this industry 13 years ago. During that time, as I was laying the groundwork for Fountainhead, I started a daily morning (and sometimes even evening) routine of briskly walking 4 to 6 miles while listening to podcasts or audio-books on Audible. I’ve continued this to this day, but for a month-long period this summer when I couldn’t seem to kick some virus. In fact, I’m happy to report that I just cleared slightly … Read More